Beef Stew

23167877_1848874441792710_2234432292650529838_nToday was a beef stew kind of night.

In other words, it was a perfectly cozy weekend night. All rained in, and with my space heater on in my room. My home feels like utter perfection tonight, and in the next 15 minutes the new Hallmark Christmas movie Christmas Festival of Ice is about to start. My life will then be complete! Tomorrow I am looking forward to rainstorms and coziness as I hunker down to complete my weekly homework. Tonight, I am just going to enjoy the movie, and then read my book. I am still working on First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen I am ashamed to say, and it is not because I don’t enjoy the book! I do! Truly! But I have been busy of late, with homework, job hunting (I finally found the perfect part-time job, by the way, for while I continue with school), and all that Halloween business. I promise as soon as I get that story finished (I am hoping tonight – fingers crossed) – then I will have a review for you!

It hasn’t snowed yet, but boy am I ready for the next big holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am not quite sure which one I am looking forward to more, but the cooler weather has me pulling out boots and winter coats and phoney space heater fireplaces. I want coffee and tea and hot cocoa and popcorn. I want warm and comforting foods to fill my belly. I want to snuggle up on my bed and watch movies all day long, and hibernate away the winter season. I want scarves and gloves and thick winter hats. Anything that makes the season go by with a bit of comfort. Winter! I am ready for you!

I haven’t yet started shopping for Christmas, but believe me I’ve been planning my purchases already! We do a big family Christmas get together and with it comes presents for all. While the best part of course, is just being together, the presents are fun, and a joy to purchase. I also can’t wait for the snacks, we don’t do a large Christmas dinner, but we do a bunch of snack foods – meats and cheese platters, cookies and treats on another tray. Food is always a big part of the holidays here.

If it were up to me we’d have decorated for Christmas already, but alas, I am forbidden from pulling out the decorations until AFTER Thanksgiving has passed. No one but me in this family, is for decorating prior to Thanksgiving. When I get my place however, the minute Halloween goes – Christmas will start to arrive! 🙂 At least, I’d want my tree up in time for Thanksgiving.

Well, it’s time for my Hallmark movie, so I’m afraid I have to cut this short – I have to keep with my plans for the night you know! I wish you all the best!





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