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To RV or Not To RV? And Other Random News

Oh yes, we’ve had this little talk before, where I have gone back and forth on my plans with RV living. Let us just say, that this week I am looking forward to my future in RV Living! (Let’s hope next week stays the same!) The big talk around here has been how I am going to fund my lifestyle if I choose to go full-time? Well, there are several options I’ve been considering. One is freelancing, both in writing and photography, as I will have my writing degree before this adventure starts, and I’ve taken a few college classes in photography and wouldn’t be opposed to learning more. The difficult thing is figuring out how I will market myself, and where my market will be. I am still trying to sort a lot of the how-to-earn-income-on-the-road stuff out, but I’ve also read about Workamping, which sounds pretty interesting as well, and leaves me another potential option for earning income on the road. Currently I am in the planning phase, and that means I am gathering websites, blogs, anything I can find that can give me more information towards my plans.

I’ve also been thinking about what kind of camper I want to get, and I am really fond of the teardrop trailers. My concern as always is what about my dogs? How will they fit? But alas I think I found my solution in the Little Guy Max. I love everything about it, interior, exterior, safety features, it all makes me happy! I just hope when I am ready to purchase the Little Guy is still around, because he is perfect for my little family!

In other news, I’ve been reading a lot lately, and trying to get my latest book finished so I can share a review with you all, under menu item “What have you read lately?” It’s called First Frost by Sarah Addison Allen and I find her world quite enchanting. I am trying to get one review done per month at least and I hope you find my reviews helpful. I will do my best to keep spoilers out of the reviews, or at least warn you ahead of time if a spoiler is on it’s way.

I just recently watched The Shack, which I loved, but begged the question from me, why wasn’t I chosen for a visit from God during my deepest grief? The hard questions always come from films like that, especially when I cried through the whole thing feeling my own grief along with “Mac’s.” The truth is however, that I had my own moments of feeling that God was with me when I was suffering. There was the time, shortly after my sister’s car accident that my dogs had gotten loose, and were gone for a few hours. My grief over the potential loss of my dogs, along with my sister had threatened to overwhelm me, and I stopped my car on a side street while I was out driving around searching for them, only to sob uncontrollably, but what I will never forget is that after I stopped and cried, a dog barked at me, and I looked up to see that I had parked in front of the house that had pulled my dogs into their backyard to keep them from running in the road. My dogs were in fact, barking at me! Never have I felt so strongly that a prayer was answered then when my dogs were returned to me. I am not sure how I would have been able to function after the loss of both my sister, and my pets directly following. Perhaps, it is silly to some, but I believe a prayer was answered that day. One that was able to keep my functioning for a little while longer through my grief.

I know I digressed a lot in this post, but a lot has been happening and I’ve been away from my blog a bit and just wanted to let you all know I am still here!

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  1. I’m catching up on my reading as we’ve been traveling and I’m trying to act on my muse’s encouragement. I love The Little Guy! I also love traveling with pets, although we just have one. But, she’s a bullmastiff, so she takes up a lot of space. She really doesn’t, though, since she loves to lay on her bed and sleep all day. 🙂 I think pets adjust to the small spaces like we do. Hope all is well! Take care. Dawn

  2. The teardrop campers are so adorable, their great for using when you want to go camping. I personally don’t have one but have know others who have. If your looking to to take on a full-time RV lifestyle I would probably go with a bigger one. Happy searching and may you have a Wonderful New Year!

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