Returning to School (the Second Time)

It has occurred to me that their are certain aspects of returning to school that are different the second time around. Returning to school for a second time, hasn’t been easy and at first, wasn’t even my choice, but after some time trying to work my way up in the world I realized, I needed a different education if I wanted to get to where I wanted to be in life. This of course, led me right back into college, but what I didn’t realize was how different I was and how different I would see college this second time around. I have found differences, and occasionally the regret that I didn’t take advantage of all the services the college had to offer me when I went the first time around. I even wish I had joined more activities and groups, although to be fair, I made plenty of my own memories the first time around and have no regrets in the friendships I made along the way.

What I didn’t expect were things like Plantar Fasciitis, taking their toll on my poor tired feet, while walking around campus. That I am much slower now then I was when I was 17 years old and starting college the first time around. Heck I thought I was in decent shape, but I don’t compare with a teenager. I need to plan accordingly to get around the campus in time to each of my classes and just remind myself what a great job I am doing getting in all these steps for the day!

What I didn’t expect was the both the ease of the classes, and similarly the difficulty of some. The first time around, I didn’t really work hard to pass my classes, I just worked as hard as I needed to, being a young foolish student. Now that I am actually trying, it surprises me when I find some classes to be so easy and some of course to be difficult. It is like truly learning my strengths and weaknesses for the first time.

My goals I realize are a bit lofty at this point, but working towards my writing degree, I know that I am in the right place. It’s going to take some time to realize the worth of all this hard work, but I know it’s out there…waiting for me. My future is calling, and I am coming to answer it!



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