Short Story: In The Night

Her dog woke her abruptly from a fitful sleep, she turned over shouting at the dog, “No! Stop it! Stop whining!” The stress of the nightmare and her overtiredness wearing her patience thin. The dog was whining at the bedroom door, as he always did when it was around this time of night. She rolled over, throwing her pillow over her head as she went. “Please just be quiet for once!” her voice coming through muffled. Her dog didn’t listen. Throwing the pillow across the room, and flinging the covers off of her body, she opened the bedroom door. The dog bolted down the hallway, until he reached the sliding door. He started to whine again. She had no patience for this tonight. She quickly followed the path the dog took down the hallway, through the kitchen, until she too stood before the sliding door. She started pulling back the curtain so she could open the door and let the dog outside like he wanted. She had barely pulled it back an inch, when a foot became visible on the other side of the door. She froze, stopping what she was doing. The foot was bare, and the leg was covered in long, dark hairs. She didn’t look up any further. Pulling the curtain shut, she stood very still. In shock, that there was quite probably a barefoot man standing outside of her door. Her dog, didn’t appear to be bothered as he normally would when a stranger approached the house. He still whined, but it was for his need to go outside. Some watchdog, she thought. She considered calling the police and reporting a prowler, but realized her phone was still in the bedroom. She ran back across the kitchen, and down the hallway, until she reached her bedroom. Just as she reached for her phone she heard a tap, on the window of the room opposite hers. She hesitated, but turned and looked in the room. The curtains were wide open in this room, and it was pitch black outside, but not so dark that the light coming from her bedroom across the hall could hide the man’s face. She stood frozen, unsure what to make of this man outside of her window. His face was drawn up tight, and his eyes held no warmth for her, that much she could see. He slowly brought one finger up to the window, and with calculated precision spelled one word, trick.

She screamed, and ran from the room, slamming the door closed as she left. Her phone now forgotten, she ran to the kitchen where her purse hung on a hook, to grab her purse, but the man was faster. He opened the door, she had forgotten to lock it! She looked for something to defend herself.

The man quietly stood in the open doorway, while she stared in fear, sure her death was near. The man stepped to the side, revealing a smaller also barefoot man. What did they want? The larger man, and the smaller man reached simultaneously for their necks, pulling back their skin, they revealed another face underneath. The faces looked at her innocently, the small one whispered, “Trick or Treat.”

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3 thoughts on “Short Story: In The Night”

  1. Loved this! 🙂

    1. Melissa says:

      Thanks 🙂

      1. You built the suspense perfectly! Had my heart pounding, too. 🙂

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