My Writing Space

My current writing space is anywhere I set my laptop, but in most cases I keep it at my bedside. I have a small blue table that is perfect for holding my laptop. I pull it up to the bed, and it slides right over so I can sit in comfort as I write.

The cool, gray-blue walls and curtains soothe my soul. While my paintings and inspirational quotes hang on the walls to remind me of what I am doing. My pups lay either curled on the bedside next to me, or in an overstuffed dog bed in the corner of the room, sleeping contentedly while I tap away at the keyboard. My curtains stay open, to allow as much sunlight as can be allowed in the bedroom, giving the small room a bigger feel. Shelves around the room hold books and DVDs, and my homemade baskets are scattered about. Is it cluttered in this room? Yes, I’d say it is, but that is what happens when an entire home, an entire life, moves into a bedroom. The TV is on in another corner, and usually turned to the Hallmark channel on the weekends, so I can watch their themed movies while I type away and the small black fan turns rapidly, giving just the right amount of breeze to an otherwise overly hot room. My dressers line one wall, holding all the clothes I own in the world, which I still admit is too much, and the soft, plush rug in the center of the room is reminiscent of the carpeting in my previous house.

The most important take-away of my writing space’s description, is that I wouldn’t have it any other way. All the creature comforts I need are at my disposal, and I am immensely comforted surrounded by my own things, it took a lot to transform this room into something that would suit me, and I can find inspiration any where I look in this room.

I know that many writer’s have their own writing space, and that space can be quite elaborate, or like mine, it can just be a room in a house, surrounded by all of your things. Whatever your fancy, I don’t think the space matters as much as the stuff that you write. You can write from anywhere, that is the beauty of being a writer. You can write in the most beautiful, inspirational setting, or perhaps you find inspiration in the mundane, or even the most unusual settings. For me, for now, this setting is here – in this room, with its pale blue walls and blue curtains.




3 thoughts on “My Writing Space”

  1. Dead Donovan says:

    Your place sounds groooovy! Did you make the baskets you talked about?

    1. Melissa says:

      Thanks, I did make the baskets myself. I have photos of them in various places on my blog if you want see them – I think they are under the artwork menu item and other. 🙂

  2. ~M says:

    Sounds like the perfect place! 😉

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