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If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know my sister was killed in a terrible car accident back in 2010. It turned my life upside down, along with many others in the family. What you may not realize is that Becky, is also my inspiration, in writing, and living my life to the fullest each and every day. It was something Becky did, and something I want to emulate.


Little known fact about my sister, one day she woke up and decided she wanted to be a beekeeper. Guess what? She did it. Not only did she succeed and make the best honey I’ve ever tasted (smooth, like butter), but she persisted and learned everything she needed to know how to do it. She read blogs, followed other beekeepers, she lived and breathed the life of a beekeeper before her accident. She had even started her own blog on the subject. I often wonder what would have become of her honey if she had been allowed to continue along her beekeeping path. I have no doubt that she would have been a great success!

My sister was an English major in college, with a creative writing emphasis. She wanted to write – and write she did. She kept stacks of books around her house. There were winter books, summer books, fall books, holiday books, and some in between, but there was always books. And these books weren’t unopened, they were well read with notched corners and sticky notes inside them where she found particular quotes that interested her or that fit with her life. She also had journals all around the house, places for her to write her thoughts and feelings. She had just started to get into the blogging world when she passed, creating both a cooking website and a blog on raising her children. My favorite thing she wrote was a poem.

Leave a Light on for Me by Becky

Leave a light on for me

I’m going out to sea

I do not know when I’ll return

But let that candle burn

Sometimes the sky gets dark

And storms begin to start

Although I’ve made some waves

I’ll surely lose my way

Leave a light on for me

So I may not sink

The harsh winds create such a stir

I need your anchor

Cold front begins to bite

Brace me oh everlasting light

Show me the way home

Again and again warm glow

Leave a light on for me

There are waves yet to tend

I feel a nice breeze

I am going back to sea

You are missed, Becky.


  • randombitsoftrialanderror

    This one made me cry. I love this touching tribute to your sister and her poem is absolutely beautiful. It’s very hard to lose a sibling. I lost two sisters in a house fire and my brother died in a car accident (when I was driving), within a year of each other. My family was devastated and has never healed completely. It literally fell apart over the next few years with fractured relationships and unspoken resentments. My heart has gigantic holes and my life has been filled with guilt and unresolved grief. Only those who have lost a parent, a sibling, or a child know the paralyzing sadness. I didn’t know Becky, but I can only imagine she is incredibly proud of your accomplishments and is cheering you on to achieve your dreams.

    • Melissa

      Oh Dawn, I appreciate this so much, and I’m so very sorry for your own losses. Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your story with us. There is so much truth in your words, that resonates so much – like you said only those who have lost someone really understand.

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