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My Parent’s Are Bloggers!

That’s right, I convinced them, or at least I like to take credit for it, but the reality is they are soon to be living an RV life and reading other blogs on living the RV life has decided to get them going. They have a unique perspective as my mother suffers from the dreaded celiac disease, and traveling anywhere that doesn’t allow her to make her own food proves to be difficult, although not entirely impossible as things are getting better out there with gluten-free options becoming more and more available. However, they often have a disclaimer that they are cooked in a non-gluten free environment, so for someone like my mom that means she takes a risk every time she eats it.

My parents have been wanting to travel the United States for quite some time, and finally they’ve made the decision to go for it. I am very happy for them. I don’t want to give away all of their story, for I know they will be sharing it themselves, but you can find them here: 3 For The Road. Check it out and welcome the new bloggers to the “blogosphere!”



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