A Typical Wednesday

  • 0500 Wake up, feed my pups and let them go potty
  • 0600 Eat Breakfast
  • 0700 Socialize
  • 0800 Start homework
  • 0900 Take a mini-break from homework
  • 1000 Start homework (again)
  • 1130 Take a mini-break from homework
  • 1145 Socialize
  • 1200 Start homework (again)
  • 1300 Finish homework! Celebrate by creating 3 for The Road’s blog startup!
  • 1330 Take shower
  • 1400 Drive to class
  • 1500 Arrive at campus
  • 1630 Start Class
  • 1800 Give Presentation
  • 2100 Drive home
  • 2145 Swerve for deer
  • 2200 Arrive home and socialize
  • 2215 Writing time 🙂

Just a typical Wednesday for me folks, how about you? When do you get to fit writing into your lives? For me it’s a reward, where I tell myself if I get everything else done then I can write! (It motivates me to want to get things done quickly!)

Today was rough, because there was non-stop activity from morning till now. In fact this is the first time I am relaxing. My schedule may not look tough, but homework can be as exhausting as exercising, since you are in fact exercising your brain, and my goodness if I didn’t have a lot of it today!

Tomorrow is going to be another rough one, but after that comes Friday, and Friday is my one day of the week that I allow myself a FULL day of downtime! Sounds pretty appealing right? (Saturday and Sunday are for homework)

I wish you all the best! Time for bed for me!




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