954925I am reminded of this quote today.

It reminds me of my ultimate goal in life, and that is to become not just an aspiring author, but an author by right. It is tough to write a book. Staying on task takes effort, more than anyone realizes until they too try to write a book. I find even my blog becomes a distraction when I am working on a book. Every little creature comfort around me can become a distraction and I have to make a thorough effort to push those distractions aside and write my book.

I have been known to take a snack or two with me to my laptop when writing a book. The extra sustenance keeps me going when I would have otherwise stopped. My snack of choice during this season is either a KitKat bar, or a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. The both do wonders for my level of concentration.

I sometimes wish there was a magical tool that could put the story inside my head down on paper for me, and then I realize there is a magical tool, and that tool is my fingers. Translating my story from my head to paper is an amazing feat. I have an idea in my head of what everything looks like, sounds like, and feels like, and yet when I show my work to someone else, I wonder if they are getting the same impression. Am I showing them enough? Did I describe it so they too can see what I see? Feel what I feel? I always wonder that. Or is it enough that they like it, even if they picture it differently then me? I am not sure.

One of my dogs is black and fluffy, with white tips on his toes. He sheds profusely in the summer and his tail is like a billowing fan of frizz, with the occasional snarl caught up in it. He has gray wisps of hair where the hair is ready to fall and he wears a lime green collar that is about an inch and a half too big. Right now he is curled up on my pillow, although he is twice the size of it. His toe nails are slightly overgrown, as I have to take him in to get them trimmed and he is snoring lightly.

Do you see what I see?




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