Starting A Novel

I started a novel yesterday, and got through just over 1000 words, just barely touching on the beginning, and certainly haven’t reached the main plot, although some background was certainly introduced.

My main character was introduced, Jessica, a young thirty-six year old woman who was recently left by her live-in boyfriend. Jessica turns away from her life in the business world to head home to her parent’s farm to recoup. While she is there her parents surprise her with some unusual news that make Jessica think they just might be slowly losing their minds. Her time there however, teaches her something different and she soon decides to embark on her own crazy adventures. Meeting many unusual characters along the way, Jessica sets her life on a path that might just lead her to where she needed to be all along. 

If you see some similarities in this girls life, and my own adventures, you are right. I have started it with a theme that follows a similar path to my own although, the steps  taken and the path to get there will be very different.

I haven’t yet come across the title, I will find it though as I develop the story. When I get to that point I will surely share it with you. In the meantime, enjoy this unedited excerpt from the story.

              Jessie had never wanted the house in the first place, he told her to just get an apartment, but Jessica was set on it. She wanted to get her life going, and by that she meant follow the traditional steps, get a boyfriend, get married, get a house, have children, and just live out their days together in harmony. However, the plan went awry, they never got married, and moved in to a house after a year together. Thankfully neither of them had children to worry about.

              Jessica picked up the particles off the floor using the dustpan, dumping them abruptly in the trash. She started clearing the table of the rest of the dinner dishes, and putting them in the sink. She needed a vacation. She’d been working so hard, both at work and at home, it was high time she put in for some vacation time. She didn’t even need to think about where she would go on vacation, she already knew. She would go home, to her parent’s house, her childhood home. She missed them and knew her parents would be overjoyed to see her, as they haven’t seen much of her since she was with Jessie.

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt, and someday will get to enjoy the entire book! I will share snippets along the journey of writing it, and carry you with me as I write my novel. I have no time limit set for this novel, and no schedule made for writing it. I am not going to require myself to write a set number of words a day, although I will probably try to write something every day. This book is going to be my first attempt at submitting a novel for publication, instead of self-publishing. We will see how it goes.

While we are talking about submitting things for publication I submitted three different short stories to the college’s journal for publication. I won’t know for several months if any of them get accepted, but wish me luck on my publishing journey!



  • randombitsoftrialanderror

    Wonderful beginning! Good luck on your submitted publications. Hope you hear sooner than later (it’s the waiting part that’s hard!). You’re inspiring me to start my own novel, or at least dust off and edit the two I have stewing somewhere deep in my computer’s hard drive. Thanks for sharing! Dawn

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