RV Living or Traditional Living

I’ve realized lately that I am not one hundred percent sure that I want to go with the full-time RV life. I mean, it sounds wonderful in theory, but deciding if it is right for me is difficult. Most of the RVs that interest me, are very home-like. In other words, am I sure that this is the life I want to choose? Perhaps, what I really do want is a home? Also I keep debating over whether I’d like to just stay put in a year round RV park with my RV rather then go through the stress of driving such a vehicle. I am used to driving small vehicles, and something large like an RV, I must admit, it terrifies me.

Today I am going to look at some homes nearby, and do a comparison in my mind of the living situation from a home to a RV. With a RV you have freedom, yet, if I am not going to be traveling as much as I think then perhaps a home is more appropriate for me. I never realized what a tough decision this was going to be when I started thinking about this new part of my life. Will I have regrets if I choose one way over the other? I hope not.

Also, I think if I go the route of the house, I would still want to get a camper of some kind, even if it is smaller – small enough to be towed by my VW. So that I can still enjoy the weekend warrior kind of lifestyle when it comes to camping.

I guess the gist of this is – I am still undecided. I love the idea of RV travel and working on the road, but my personality is a bit of a homebody, so I am not sure if it is right for me. I guess I will just keep looking for now, until I make the final decision. Until then, stay tuned, this blog may just turn into a “Home life” vs “RV life,” in the future.

2 thoughts on “RV Living or Traditional Living”

  1. CindyGaffigan says:

    I think your employment situation will dictate your lifestyle. If you are going to be a librarian then you will need permanent housing – it would be most difficult if not impossible to pickup jobs as you travel. Having a camper, to travel with on vacation time or weekends would seem to be a more logical choice.

    1. Melissa says:

      Thanks, I think that’s true too, and I am probably going to opt for an apartment in the future first and foremost. Becoming a librarian is my main goal.

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