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Regarding the Types of RV

I’ve been going back and forth on the type of RV that is best for me and my pets on my glorious new adventure and I’ve learned a few minor things regarding the different types of RVs in my search. There are eight main types of models out there some are great just for camping, and some are perfect for the full-timer, choosing between them can be daunting. So what have I learned during my search?

  • Class A

The class A model, one of my personal favorites, is a drive-able rig, sizing anywhere from up to 40 ft (40 feet! Now that’s an RV!) They run on gas or diesel. These are the ones you’ll see driving down the road with the flat front end. Class A’s typically run in the $60k range on up depending on your manufacturer. IMO these are the stars of the show. If I could afford one, this is what I’d be getting. I hear/read that driving these guys isn’t too bad as long as you pay attention to the weather, and avoid windy days like the plague, but I have no first hand experience so I can’t vouch for any of that. IDEAL CHOICE, BUT OUT OF BUDGET – MAKES THIS CHOICE A NO FOR ME.

  • Class B

These puppies are your magical camper vans. They are LUXURY items and are generally priced as such. For some reason, I’ve noticed in the RV world, that bigger doesn’t mean more expensive – smaller on the other hand, usually does. These can also be gas or diesel. They usually run around $100k or more. While the price already puts these guys out of my budget, they also don’t seem fitting for my three pets as the small space would really damping their spirits. WELL OUT OF BUDGET AND NOT FITTING FOR MY PETS – MAKES THIS CHOICE A NO FOR ME.

  • Class C

This guy is pretty awesome, it falls somewhere in between the size of a class A and a Class B, making these pretty manageable (I assume). The price range runs around $60k average, but you can find them cheaper (and more expensive) depending on what you are looking for. They DO have space for my pets and me. They ARE affordable compared to many other choices.  They are shorter and therefore less affected by wind, although, I wouldn’t risk it on a windy day. WE HAVE A WINNER FOLKS! THIS IS THE ONE FOR ME!

  • Pop-Up Campers

I have memories of these babies from when I went camping as a kid. Pop-up campers are half tent and half camper, making these more the ideal weekend warrior camper than for a full timer who has to battle the elements. Particularly if you are considering winter camping! If I was just a regular to the campground, but not a full-timer this would be the choice for me, as these are affordable as well. Running around $5k on upWELL UNDER BUDGET, HOWEVER CAN’T HANDLE THE ELEMENTS – MAKES THIS A NO FOR ME.

  • Travel Trailer

The travel trailer, I love these guys, they are quite beautiful on the inside, and quite affordable, however you always have to remember that you still have to pay for your vehicle to tow it! I am fond of these for a lot of reasons, they have everything I need, and if I wasn’t planning on driving much these babies would be for me. However, I’ve heard/read horror stories about travel trailers getting tipped over from driving by big trucks (or vice versa) and I am not fond of the idea of driving one. These run anywhere from $2 – $50k depending on what you are looking forPERFECTLY FITS THE BUDGET, HOWEVER DRIVING SOUNDS TERRIFYING – MAKES THIS A NO FOR ME.

  • Fifth-Wheel

I honestly don’t know much about fifth wheels except that their big! I’ve read that they drive nicer than a travel trailer and again these can get quite luxurious on the inside. The price is out of my budget however, and with the size vehicle I’d need to pull one, it is definitely out of my budget! I also think they look quite scary to drive. OUT OF BUDGET – MAKES THIS A NO FOR ME.

  • Toy Haulers

The name says it all these are campers that carry your ‘toys,’ all those big drivable toys that you’ve got laying around and want to bring with you. For many people, a toy hauler is a must. These are just like travel trailers, but have ‘garages’ for your toys. For me, it’s not a necessity. IT’S OUT OF BUDGET AND MY ONLY TOY IS MY VW BEETLE – MAKES THIS A NO FOR ME.

  • Truck Campers

These are interesting. These are the campers that fit right in the bed of your truck. I like ’em personally. Driving would be no problem. Your home is right there, hardly any set-up, there are a lot of positives. However, my pets couldn’t handle it. First of all they could never get in it, and there is no way I am picking them up every time they get in and out of the vehicle! IF I DIDN’T HAVE PETS I MIGHT HAVE OPTED FOR ONE OF THESE.

There isn’t a whole lot that I know about RV’s yet, but the little that I do know has helped me make a decision, although I’d have to say the primary deciding factor having been limited by my budget. I hope to learn a whole lot more in the upcoming future, when I finally make a purchase and start this lifestyle of choice.


  • gypsysoulsunited

    Don’t cancel off a Class A. You can get really good deals on older ones. I did and although I need to do some renovations to bring my Gerdie up to moderns standards she is a great size for me and my dogs. If you are not sure about driving something that big then a Class C is better. Mine is 34 ft and has all the room I need. As an artist I like to have all my supplies handy and storage was a big thing for me.

    • Melissa

      Thanks, class A’s were my first choice, I love the room available – I was mostly just worried about budget. It’s good to know there are some older ones out there worth getting!

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