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The Full-Time Travel Trailer Dream Lives On!

That’s right folks! I did some thinking and although I was quite worried about not getting the opportunity to decorate for the holidays as I would in a regular home, as my previous post discusses, I’ve decided that I can’t let my dream die that easily. So I am still on track.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make at first, I thought this was going to be a deal-breaker for me in fact, but I’ve managed to come up with several things that changed my mind back to living full-time in a travel trailer and being excited about it!

First of all, I am pushing 40 years old as a single woman, I house on my own is tough to handle, not to mention it gets boring being in a house by yourself. I know this from experience. I used to occupy my time by re-arranging my furniture on a regular basis, or changing the décor up all the time. However, even that gets old, because once it’s “perfect” (in my eyes) then what? There is nothing left to do with it. It gets old.

I am also wanting some adventure in my life, again, single at 40, there is nothing stopping me except my own self-doubt. Once I get a place to live, if it were a house, I wouldn’t likely be able to afford to travel much, so I’d be stuck there – day in and day out. Getting bored, re-arranging my furniture just to please myself. So why not buy a travel trailer out right (cash) and OWN my home and be able to take it where ever I please so that I can enjoy the heck out of the countryside? My money would be far better spent on outings and adventures then being put back into a house that I would get bored in within a year or two.

There’s also something about living small, not having to buy a lot of material things in order to get by on life that interests me. Once I get my travel trailer, I’ll be getting rid of a lot of things. Some of those things have memories attached to them, which means it’s going to be a difficult road when I get there, but not having to purchase furniture to fill 4 or 5 rooms in a house just to make it look presentable to guests sounds really good to me.

I’ll be learning a lot. It’ll take some hard work and I am certain to pick up some maintenance and handy man skills along the way, but all of that sounds like an adventure to me, one that I am more than ready for.

My pets will acclimate, I am sure of it. So there is nothing stopping me there, and yes, I am still planning to study to become a Librarian. Is that career going to stop me? I thought perhaps it might, however, when really getting down to it, I can learn to rotate between just a few states in the beginning taking a job here or there and gaining some experience while I travel the states. I’ve already decided that starting out I am going to be sticking close to Michigan for awhile. I’ve not decided yet if I want to push through a winter here just to test things out, or if I’ll want to travel south for the winter and be a bit of a “snow bird.” Certainly I will be traveling back to Michigan often, as my family is here, and I have a huge love for this state.

I think I will miss certain aspects of living in a house vs. a travel trailer, but in the end I think that is mostly the grass is always greener syndrome making its unwelcome appearance.

This is a path I never expected my life to take and certainly not one I thought I’d be excited for, but as the saying goes, “Life goes on, though we know not why,” and it’s time for me to head in a new direction. It may seem crazy to a few, and yet to others who have that desire for the freedom of the open road – you know what I am talking about!

I can’t wait to embark on this new adventure!

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