Prepping The Haunted Trail

I spent today prepping our trail for some Halloween fun! Spooky signs, scary witches, pumpkins, ghosts, and hanging ghouls are just some of the creatures you’ll encounter on our trail.

We’ve always had a “bunny” trail thanks to my sister. The bunny trail was decorated with little bunnies and hidden eggs, and all sorts of wonderful Easter items. The kids would go out onto the trail in search of their own personal Easter baskets. The items she left behind still decorate the bunny trail today, but this year we decided to declare a “Halloween” trail.

On the Halloween trail the kids will get a mixture of fun and light hearted items hidden along it’s path along with a few rather frightening creatures thrown into the mix for fun! We are placing buckets filled with candy throughout the trail and the kids will carry their bags and trick-or-treat along its path in order to get their candy.

The youngest two, my great nephews, will get to do this in the daytime so they don’t get spooked, but we are going to make my two older nieces go through it after dark! Mwah ha ha! It should be great fun!

Tomorrow is it’s grand opening, as everyone will get to see the trail for the first time, but then they will have to repeat it closer to Halloween if they want to get their candy (if they dare!).

I am not sharing any pictures of the trail today, because I don’t want to spoil it for the kids (or their parents) just yet! I’ll let them all enjoy it tomorrow and then I’ll share you with pictures of our “Haunted Trail.”

Since we are talking about Halloween today, I realized something else that didn’t occur to me in my travel trailer plans. I will not get trick-or-treaters or be able to decorate my home in the way I love if I am living life out of a travel trailer! It’s putting a little damper on my full-time RV plans! I am just not sure what to think.

Holiday’s are always special, and I love to celebrate them. Our family has always done the holidays big, inviting family over and having themed get-togethers. Although I am not a huge sports fan, the super bowl has always been big with us. Then there is Thanksgiving, and boy you don’t want to get me started talking about Christmas!

I’m surely going to miss that part of my life if I choose to be a full-timer. Perhaps I am being a little hasty in my decision making process. (I’ve been known to do that before.) The idea may sound amazing, but there are certainly some things I will miss about having my own home. Decorating for holiday’s being a huge one of those things.

Is there any full-timers out there that have this problem? How have you solved it? There is a big possibility that this is a deal-breaker for me!


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