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I went to an RV show today. Not only was I impressed, but I was impressed with the options that are available and yet so affordable in getting a travel trailer. The thing about it that I have to always remember is that the cost of the travel trailer doesn’t include the extra costs of insurance or your stay at the RV parks. And of course it doesn’t cover your day to day living expenses such as food, bathing supplies, etc.

I’ve given myself a budget, a tiny one at that, but a budget nonetheless. I don’t want to spend over $10,000.00 on my travel trailer. I don’t need a gigantic trailer with all the extra options, just one that I can turn into my home. I want to keep my footprint small, I want to keep my budget small. I have a plan and I want to stick to it!

As I went through the ups and downs of redoing an older model travel trailer, I also went through the ups and downs of getting a brand spanking new travel trailer within my budget. Do you want to know what I found out? My options are slim.

I have two large dogs and one cat. They need to come with me on this venture. Trying to find a suitable travel trailer that satisfies both mine and their needs is driving my a bit bonkers!

“It’s perfect!”

*It is also $20,000 over budget. It fits the animals perfectly.

“It’s perfect!”

*It is within my budget. It’s a little small on space for the dogs.

“It’s perfect!”

*I can tow it behind my little VW Beetle. Unfortunately that means there is no room for the animals.

My perfect travel trailer is out there I just have to find it! Perhaps it’s not even a travel trailer, perhaps it’s an RUV, or perhaps it’s an old fixer upper that I am going to work on making my own over time?

Something is going to have to give here. I mean, I have an entire year to find the perfect home so there really shouldn’t be any stress about this. This years models will be cheaper next year, right? That’s how it works I hear (and read). So why am I so stressed out?

I am 90% sure that I will find something by the time I can buy, so what is the real problem here? My need to get things done –NOW! I have no patience, when I DO make a decision (notice how I stressed the word, making a decision at anything is difficult for me) I like to be able to act on that decision and right now I am not able to make the move forward that I want to in order to get this done.

So tonight, when my worries about my future plans began to exceed my desire to take action I knew I had to do something. I closed all the open tabs on my browser that were looking up various RV models and trying to find the perfect fit – within budget – for me and my pets. It was hard to do, but it had to be done. I must be done with RV searching for the night! In fact I think I should give the searching a rest for the next few day




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