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Researching Travel Trailers

I know I’ve been talking a lot about the Thor Motor Coach, but lately I’ve been looking at those travel trailers and getting interested in the idea of redoing a vintage travel trailer. The kind that sell for around $2,000 OBO. They are adorable, particularly when people redo them! If you spend less on buying it, then you’ve got all that extra money to invest in fixing up your new home, and well…I think fixing up a new home for myself could be the perfect project for me (and therapeutic to boot!).

I love decorating already, and getting to redo one from scratch would feed that part of my creativity that I love so much! This 1971 el rancho rae for sale on Vintage Camper Trails looks right up my alley! Let’s just hope it’s still around next fall when I intend to make a purchase! If not, I know there will be others, but for today…I have admittedly fallen for it’s charms.

I know it’s small in terms of going full time in an RV, but living small is my goal. A small footprint on the world and a small debt in my name, sounds good to me! Of course, there is that added bonus of being able to live wherever you want and travel the countryside. I will be the first to admit, my plan is to stay close to home at first until I get comfortable with the life, but once I am the world is my oyster!


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