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Melissa’s Creative Life Update

I’ve been busy as you can probably guess by my lack of posts of late. School is just kicking in and that means homework is sneaking into my life at full force. -How does something ‘sneak’ at full force?- Perhaps that is not quite the word for it, but whatever it’s doing it’s keeping me occupied and that is a good thing! Grades are going well, which is a huge goal for me as I am still quite interested in going for a master’s degree. Classes are interesting and not really what I expected going into them, but they will get me where I am meant to be eventually.

It’s my favorite kind of weather outside, with the ups and downs of the temperature that allow you to cozy up in your favorite sweater or cool off in the best of the t-shirts. Shorts are optional, jeans are a must, and boots, well, well, well they are coming into the season shortly! Mums are blooming, and as of today they are blooming outside of my house and instead of me admiring them in other’s yards I get to immerse myself in their heavenly scent right in the backyard! Pure joy! Even my puppy dogs are partaking in the pleasures of sweater-weather with their new fangled tops (probably best left for snow)! Tonight I even had SOUP for dinner – another treat of the season!

It occurred to me as I am writing this that we have been learning a lot about identifying “style” in writing. I wonder – what is my style? Do I have style yet? Has it been developed? I can only wish it has, however I fear I have a ways to go. The highs and lows, the commas and no commas, the humor, the capitalization, I don’t see much of that in mine. Or perhaps it is that I can’t identify my own writing style? As it goes, you can’t see the forest, because of the trees – or something like that.

So what else is new? I am going to get a taste of my future soon, as I will be volunteering as a librarian in a nature center. I am quite excited about the things I will see and learn there and hopeful that it will satisfy my drive, while I await the time to pass while I am in school until I am finally able to return to full time work as…

I’ll just leave you hanging there for now. I hope you’ve all been well and will just spend some time dreaming that you’ve all carefully observed my “style.”


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