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In Another Life….

In another life I would have been a web designer. I am currently taking a class on HTML5 & CSS3 and love it, with a capital “L.” There is something so satisfying in figuring out how something works, and it is even better when you can learn to create it yourself from scratch, the coding language that you need to know is almost self explanatory! How can webpages, which seem to be so complicated and beyond the scope of imagination become a simple matter of language? I love it! Beforewarned, this class is going to result in a new portfolio website for me! GASP! I am quite excited!

Anyway, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but well, I’ve been busy; busy enjoying the final days of summer and the start of Fall. (Have I ever mentioned that Fall is my favorite time of year?) Oh yeah, and I just celebrated a birthday. Didn’t think I’d make it this far, but I am nearly 40 years old already! Wow – how that number has a ring to it! When I was younger I thought that meant you were old, now I am realizing that 40 is just the prime of your life (and here I sit just a baby still at 39). If you’ll notice in the above picture, I also got that gem of a pair of eyelashes for my little VW Bug! So far I’ve received a ton of “That’s so cute!” and just a few snickers, much to my relief!

I have to admit though, I haven’t been writing, at least not as much as I’d hoped. I’ve been so busy with class right now, priorities you know, that my writing has to take a bit of a back burner, but I promise as soon as I get a little further ahead in the game I will most certainly be up for writing some more short stories, and perhaps even working on a children’s book.

I generally keep natural disasters (and politics) out of my posts, but I feel compelled in the days that have gone by lately to just remind everyone to stay safe this weekend!

Take care!


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