Hello WordPress!

I am back…to WordPress that is! It was a short trip over to Google’s blogger that I took, I must say I did enjoy it, but I missed so many of the features that allow me to control different aspects of my blog as well as not being satisfied with the inability to change up my blog’s theme very much. So I here I am returning to WordPress for the second time! I hope you’ve all been well, I have been keeping up with those of you whose blogs I follow because I get those lovelies in my email!

If you are curious as to what I’ve been up to, my blog from Google’s blogger has been uploaded to WordPress and added to my site, so just scroll around and check it out. I suppose the biggest news is that I am starting school to complete my second Bachelor’s degree tomorrow. (I am very excited.) So much so that I’ve read ahead! GASP! Who does that? Apparently me.

Other than that, what I hope to accomplish this year is to keep you updated on what I am discovering while in school. practice my writing on you folks, and really just update you on anything else that comes my way! I hope you stick around to follow!



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