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Today I began to read The Sound On The Page by Ben Yagoda, it is one of my school books. I read the introduction and I am very fascinated by what I am reading so far, and I’ll admit also a little fearful. If you can’t guess outright, which you might be able, the book is a helpful book for young writers who are searching for their “voice” or “style.” While reading it I observed two things about my own habits, the first is how much I miss reading. I mean really reading a book, one that not just has a story that catches my attention, but uses words in the magical way that originally made me fall in love with reading in my high school lit. class. I’ve read since I was little, but there is something about reading some books versus others where I feel that I have to even slow my reading down to absorb everything that the writer is saying because I am so in love with their writing. The way this author writes reminds me of that.

The second thing I observed about my habits is that I clearly have not found my voice/style yet, in fact reading this book is inspiring me to want to write books, but different genre’s than I originally assumed I would want to write in. I want to write fiction certainly, but not just any fiction. I would like to be one of those writers who I think of that makes someone else want to slow down when they are reading, rather than to speed up to get to the ‘good part.’ I’d love to draw someone else’s attention into my words the way mine has been brought into others. It is a lofty goal, I know, and perhaps it will take a lifetime to achieve, but I am willing to wait a lifetime to achieve it because, oh, what satisfaction that would bring?

It astounds me how with only an introduction I am able to see that I very much need this book and what I can gain out of it. I hope by the end of the semester I will have at the very least uncovered my own writing style/voice.

I mentioned above that I am also fearful, I am. It is hard not to be. I am already decidedly sure that my work is not “up to snuff” yet. However, “yet” is the key word and with time and extra effort on my part I hope to become a much improved writer, and not just an aspiring author, but someone who can actually call themselves an author outright, with pride.


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