Woot Woot! (Books!)

I was able to head out to campus today and pick up my books. I’ll admit, I am a total nerd, I am the kind of girl who likes to check out the campus ahead of time and find out which buildings I will be walking to for class, so that I know EXACTLY what I will be doing when the time comes. So you can just imagine my excitement at finally seeing my books for the first time, particularly since they are on the craft of writing!

I am so excited to get started at this point that I am tempted to read ahead, but since I don’t have my syllabus yet for any of my classes I am going to wait….maybe. I also recently got my very first college shirt even though I have been an alumni of this school for fifteen years already! Oh, and lets not forget the auto decal for student alumni. I had to get that! I don’t know what stopped me before, but I think I am going to take advantage of all the things I didn’t do the first time around! There are after all some advantages to being a returning student. For instance, I’d say I am sure of what I want to do, where I used to be uncertain and writing is going to play a part in my life somehow.

I wish you all the happiest of Fridays! 

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