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Time To Write

At long last I am finally going to begin the third installment of the children’s series Josephine! It started out as a fun gift project for my niece and has grown into so much more as they (my nieces) have enjoyed the story so far. So this week I am going to take some time and re-read the first two books, so I keep myself on track with the story line and start book three!

I am very excited about this as these books have been great fun to write so far, and the story pushes me to use my imagination and add little quirks as I see fit. I do so hope that I can dedicate some real focused time to this story and get it done prior to school starting as I want to “reap” the benefits of seeing it in print before I start.

Originally I thought book three would be the third and final book in the series, however, my nieces disagree. They think I should write more. So I shall just have to see how it develops as I write it to see if I can continue the story on, or if this will be the end of the series. I don’t yet know. I am not one to outline my story ahead of time, but to put it together as I write it and let it develop as the story unfolds in front of me while I type. Perhaps this is something about me that will change in my writing as I attend school and learn more about creative writing and develop my skills, but for now they stay the same.

I am sharing all this with you to give you the heads up that while I focus my efforts on my story, I will unlikely be posting a lot of blogs during this time period. Don’t fret, I am still here, I am just busy getting my book finalized and completed! Wish me luck!

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