More Basket Making Fun This Sunday

Well, apparently yesterday alone did not cure me of the bug of wanting to create something special with my glue gun and I pulled out all my rope and embellishments again in the hopes of creating something both unique and special. Today I succeeded in making not just one but two special baskets out of my things.

The first basket was made with Sisal Rope, and I wrapped it differently to achieve a uniquely shaped basket. I then topped it off with some colored yarn and wrapped off the end to create a handle of sorts for the basket.

It is not a big basket, but it is the perfect size to hold loose change, or earrings around the house when I need it. The second basket I made I created out of very thin Jute Rope. With the rope being so thin my basket of course turned out tiny as well. It is approximately the thickness of my finger. It may not seem like a useful little basket because it is so small, however, I find the small baskets to be adorable and the perfect size to display as a grouping on my shelf.

I also spent today checking out homes nearby in order to get ideas for my future home. It is two years down the line for me, but I am very excited about having a house again. One of the main selling points in the future house is going to be the ability to have both an office and a craft room available to me (even if they are one and the same). Today I think I may have found the perfect house for me, one that allows me to use the second floor entirely for my crafting and office with the main floor solely living space. It’s really set up to be the perfect place for me to find time to sew, craft, paint, and write and with two large windows there’s no doubt I will find inspiration there. Two years sounds so far away, and yet, I know the reality is that the time will fly by and before I know it I will have my dream house complete with craft/writing room!

I hope your Sunday was both productive and relaxing!

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