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Making A Rope Basket

I make rope baskets all the time for the fun of it, for the aesthetic value, and for having a little extra storage around the house. I thought I would share with you one of my hobbies and how I make them.
You only need two things to create a rope basket, rope and a glue gun, however I always add little embellishments and so extra crafty things like buttons, yarn, or fake foliage can also be used.

I begin by picking out the rope I want to use, while the glue gun heats up. Rope comes in all sizes, just be aware that the skinnier the rope, the smaller the basket will likely be.

After I get my rope all picked out I start the basket. To start your rope basket you put a strip of glue on the end of the rope and roll it up.

Once you have the basket started it gets easier and easier to glue. Just keep gluing and wrapping the rope flatly around until you have formed the size and shape that you want for the bottom of your basket.

Once the bottom of your basket is finished, you can start on the sides. It’s a simple matter of changing where you put the glue as you wrap the rope around. Glue the top of the next strip of rope and place it on top of the last rope until you have a side started for the basket, then continue wrapping and gluing until you have reached the desired height of your basket.

Add embellishments if you desire and your basket is complete! 

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