A Netflix Addiction

Now that I am a cord cutter, I have found I really have a Netflix addiction. I’ve chosen to limit myself to two hours of television a day – or one movie per day. An easy feat during the week because I am at work most of the day, however the weekends are going to be another story. Television has been my background noise for as long as I can remember. When I blog, or clean my home, or do anything, I like to have that background noise. Because I want to limit my television time and hopefully increase my creativity, I am switching that practice to music. Now when I do watch television I actually become more choosy with what I want to watch and take time to relax and enjoy it since my time is so limited.

Anyway back to my new Netflix addiction, now that I am a cord cutter and selectively choosing my television shows let me tell you what is in my queue of late. Right now, I am watching Royal Pains, following a humorous Macgyver-like Doctor on his quests around the Hampton’s. I’ve also taking the liberty of finally watching a few movies I was curious about, one about a writer (go figure) and another which was a Marvel film (gotta keep up with my superheros!). I think however, I am going to be on the Royal Pains kick for quite sometime as it is a rather long series. I’ll admit I’ve watched parts of it before, but never in order or all at once so this will be a fun show for me.

The other online service I really enjoy is Amazon On Demand, where I can rent/purchase/watch for free movies because I am an Amazon prime member. I’ve found a few interesting looking films that I am pretty sure I will catch up on now that I have only limited time to watch. More movies starring writers (I love themes!) and there are also plenty of old movies that I’d love to re-watch on there as well.

I call my Netflix watching an addiction, but the reality is, it is anything but, since I only spend two hours of dedicated screen time on it. I am grateful for what technology brings (otherwise how could I blog after all?) but I am a firm believer in quality over quantity. No need to overload with mindless shows when I can pick and choose my favorites and watch only them for a time period I choose.

What’s in your Netflix Queue?

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