32 More Days!

Thirty two more days until I start this new path in my journey of life. I’ll admit the nerves are getting a bit shaky now. I am so excited that I am also fearful. College should be a whole different ball game as a mature adult. (I am the first to admit my maturity was definitely lacking the first time around.)

I foresee lots of studying, and even more writing. I like to think my blog will not suffer through this time period, but that remains to be seen. If I have to prioritize, I am going to be putting pursuing my college degree as number one on the priority list. My blog has to fall much further down the list for now.

I am very excited about the prospect of an internship, which is a requirement for my degree and I am hoping I can find one that brings me closer to the goal of becoming a technical writer. I know technical writer may sound rather drab by name, however, I have a rather analytical mind and I think it could be very entertaining, as well as a fulfilling, future career for myself.

At the moment I am interested in so many aspects of writing, creative writing is not lost on me. I am very grateful that my classes will allow me to gain experience and training in so many different aspects so that even if I choose to pursue a position as a technical writer, I will still have the skills available to me to continue my creative writing journey in my spare time.

Now that the plan is set in motion, I am chomping at the bit to get started!

This is pretty much a long term goal, as it will take me at least two years to complete my degree. Have you set any long term goals for yourself recently? Share them below!

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