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For Love of The Comma

Yes, you read that title right, I said comma. I have a small love affair with the comma. It started back in college (the first time around) and it has just grown since then. I began using commas for everything. Every time I felt there should be a pause when you read my writing – insert comma. Back then I felt it was a sign of my intelligence and a growth in my writing skills that I used the comma so much, and now it has grown into a bit of a hindrance as I have to constantly double check my writing for the overuse and improper use of commas.

(The above quote comes from Wikipedia and if you click on it, it will take you to the Wiki page for the comma. There is a lot more information on Wiki- that will help you with your comma usage, if you need it as I have.)

5 = The number of times I’ve used a comma so far in my post. 

 I’m working on it!

I am working on fixing my errors with comma usage. I am trying to improve and taking more time to write now then I used to which should help to prevent so many errors. This post is basically an apology for those of you that have noticed my mini-love affair with this type of punctuation and it brings you endless grief. Know that while you suffer my writing, I am generally filled with a sense of elation every time I get to use one of those darling commas, and yet at the same time I know I am probably driving some poor English Major crazy with my overuse and that makes me feel bad. 
I read a blog today that talked about every writer having a “crutch word” a word they must stick into every bit of writing that they do, for me it’s all about the “crutch punctuation.” What do they say? Admission is the first step towards recovery? 
What crutches have you noticed in your own writing that you’d like to fix? 

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