Why I Create Art

There is only one main reason I create art and that is simply LOVE!


It has always been my favorite subject (when it was actually offered). I love holding a paintbrush, getting down and dirty with the paint (because trust me when I say it’s difficult to walk away clean), and watching whatever masterpiece I am working on come to life on the canvas.

There are however, a multitude of other lesser known reasons that I create art. For example, art is therapeutic no matter what the naysayers want to believe. If I am having a bad day and I sit down to paint a picture I am mesmerized by that canvas, you could say it’s very similar to meditation in that you are focused and determined and almost anything else on your mind soon drifts away and leaves you with just yourself and that canvas in front of you. In the end, I walk away a much happier person.

Another reason I create art is pure joy. It’s a fun activity. It’s one of the few things left in the world that while still “work” is also joyful work. Instead of feeling like you are doing a job, you feel as though you are creating something special, something personal, something intimate, something that carries a part of you in it. How often can you say that about your typical office work? I’ve never had that feeling come to me from sitting at a desk, only when sitting in front of my easel. It’s fun to share in creating art with others as well. When an opportunity arises I am quick to pick up my paints or pencils and just chill with my nieces and share in the joy that is creating art. It’s not about how great the product is it is about the experience in sharing with someone else your joy.

I create art because it is aesthetically pleasing to look at. I like to think it brings joy to others to see a painting I have done, without them necessarily even realizing that they are also looking at a bit of my soul simultaneously. It is pleasing to look around my home and see the work that I have done and be surrounded by little pieces of joy.

I create art because it is who I am as a person, a reflection of my very existence. I can share those things that have meaning to me, and hopefully bring awareness of those things to others. Art can be created for a cause that you love. For example, there is an artist in residence program with the National Parks that allows you to bring awareness to the beauty found in our National Parks.

I create art for love most importantly, then for it’s therapeutic benefits, as well as the joy it brings me. I also create art to bring awareness to causes and things that I love. What drives your artistic side?

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