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Where Did Your Love For Painting Come From?

For me this question is an easy one, I have a very clear memory of where my love for painting came from. It started as early as Kindergarten. In kindergarten I was first able to use paints, and ultimately I fell in love and came away from my efforts covered in paint. I remember very clearly what I painted, a scene with grass and tulips and then the background was entirely in red. Red was always my favorite color obviously. I remember being quite enthralled with the process and loving every minute of doing it and I still have that painting to this day, thanks to my Mom for storing our childhood things.

Waterfall by Melissa

After that I have very little memory of painting for many years until I reached high school where we were finally offered an art class my senior year. When it came time to do paintings, I was thrilled and painted a waterfall scene on a big long canvas board that is still to this day hanging in my parents bathroom. 

Then another long gap occurred in my life before I was able to get back into painting, and that happened while I was at the end of my Army career. I went out and purchased the oil paints and canvases and spent months where my weekends were filled with painting pictures and practicing my techniques. I was completely self-taught of course at this point. In the end I ended up with a galleries worth of paintings in both my own home, as well as my parent’s home. They are still to be found on the walls to this day. I really was able to immerse myself in my painting at that point in time, and I believe some of my best paintings to date came out of that time period. 
Now it is rare when I get to paint because my medium of choice, oils, tend to be rather expensive. I pull out the paintbrushes and canvas whenever I get the opportunity to though and continue teaching myself ways to improve on my paintings. 
In just a month from now, I will finally get the opportunity to do what I’ve always dreamed was not possible and that is take classes where I will finally get to learn the proper techniques for painting, as I begin school for what I hope will lead me to a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in painting. This dream has always seemed far fetched, and I have always felt far too inferior in my skills to take art in college, but now I am finally brave enough to put that theory to the test. For I will never find out whether I am “good enough” by just sitting and doing nothing. It takes risk to be something great and it takes courage to put yourself out there for judgement. I hope my love for painting will bring me further in class as I start this new journey. 
Where did your love for painting come from?
Dancers by Melissa

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