Returning to College At Middle Age – What I’ve Learned In The Decision Making Process

Returning to college when you’re middle aged is no easy feat. You may have already had a full career, and are considering changing it, as I have. If this is the case, then it is quite possible there are many obstacles in your way that could potentially prevent you from reaching your new goal. For example, you may have other obligations outside of your career to consider such as a spouse, or children, before making such a decision. I have been lucky(?) that the decisions are solely mine, as I am a single, childless adult woman, whose decisions only effect my life. If you are one of the folks out there that has a family to consider, please don’t rush into this rashly. Talk it over with your spouse, and find out how it will effect your children before jumping in headfirst!

While I do not have a family to consider in my decision making process there are still many other obstacles to consider. For example, will I work while I attend school? How will I afford to live? Where will I live? Will I attend full-time or part-time? Will I need to obtain financial aid before returning to school? Will the debt be worth it in the end? If I don’t work, or I work part time, what kind of health insurance will I have? How long will I need to go to school for to get the degree I want? What is the future job outlook for my new chosen career? What is the prospective pay rate? Above all, will this career satisfy my needs and desires? Will I enjoy it?

Jumping into a decision such as returning to school at middle age is not to be taken lightly. There are many factors and people to consider as you can see from the above. For myself, I’ve decided, I will attend as a full-time student, I will most definitely be happy that my life will soon revolve around creating as I am choosing to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Writing. The prospects both excite and terrify me, as I fear my worth as a creative may not be up to snuff. One thing I have learned through all this, is to spend less time worrying about the end result (job) and more time focusing on taking it one day at a time.

I wish you the best of luck in your second career endeavors and hope you too can find both happiness and success!

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