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A Changeable Mind

Having a changeable mind has always plagued me. It’s almost like there is too much activity going on in my brain and I want to try everything because well, as we all learn, life is short. My new career awaits me and tonight I felt excitement at the prospect, not dread, not trepidation, not a distinct aloofness to the idea, not even fear, just an immense amount of pleasure that I will finally get to learn about something I love.

Creating art is so immensely satisfying for me. It soothes the racing mind, and calms the nerves. I love every little bit about it, even when I create a disaster. Why? Because it’s mine, and it is a little piece of my heart on canvas. I say canvas over any other material because it is no secret that oil painting is my ultimate joy.

I’ve taught myself the best I could with oil painting and now it’s finally time to take classes where I learn to paint as a professional? I am not sure that is the right word. Perhaps what I really mean is I will learn what ways of painting that I have taught myself are helpful or harmful habits to have picked up. For instance, I enjoy painting in a certain manner, by painting a full background, and then layering paint on top until the desired effect is reached. I wonder if I will learn a different technique to starting out my paintings. I wonder if perhaps we will sketch them before we begin, which is something I have not done? I am so dreadfully excited about my painting class, but unfortunately it doesn’t start until the winter semester. It is a great thing to learn new tricks in a class, even if the class is months away.

Several of the classes I’ve enrolled in are a bit of a mystery to me. I am not sure whether they are primarily lecture or more hands on. (I am hoping for the latter.) I’ve always been more of a hands on learner.

Five more weeks and I’ll be officially on my way forward towards a new unknown destination. Five more weeks and art will become the very center of my life. Imagine my joy at the idea! I am in love with art in the same manner as some people are in love with love. (Although there have been plenty of times where I have been in love with love as well.)

Happy Thursday everyone, and may you too have joy in your lives!

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