Baby Green Peppers & Other Littlest Container Garden Updates

Baby bell peppers have made their first appearance on my green pepper plant!

I think my tomatoes are going to end up a lost cause, they’ve gone from a beautiful green to a hideous brown, which I am certain is from lack of water. I have one left on the plant that is still green that I am hoping will pull through, but I am no longer leaving much hope for the plant.

My cucumber plant is enormous! It has yellow flowers all over it at this point, although some of the leaves are yellow and some are green. I think this is also the result of a lack in water. I am not quite sure what this means for the cucumbers, I haven’t seen any growing yet.

My kale has completely dried up. No hope there I’m afraid.

My blueberry bush on the other hand, is quite amazing, and is the only thing that doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of suffering at my apparent lack of green thumb.


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