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Grocery Shopping

You’d probably never guess, but grocery shopping is one of my favorite past times. I get so much joy out of picking out and ultimately purchasing the food that will fill my belly in the next upcoming weeks.

img_4012-1I went grocery shopping today for the first time in for what seems like for ever and found the most adorable yogurts. (I was totally sucked in by the packaging.) They are called “Oui” by Yoplait. They look so appetizing to me. I’ve yet to try them so the verdict isn’t in yet, but man oh man, I can’t wait! I just love the adorable packaging, glass jars, cute top, and what looks like heavy cream within the jar. YUMMY! No, I am not getting paid to advertise this product, I just think it looks tasty!

img_4013I also found some new Kind bars – if you aren’t familiar within Kind bars there those divine little granola bars that taste amazing. They are basically a meal replacement, and are oh so yummy. When I spotted a new version of Kind bar, well, I just had to try them. They are pressed veggie and fruit bars – very interesting sounding to me. I like my fruits and veggies.)

These two things were my splurge items of my grocery shopping as they most certainly were not on my list, however once spotted I couldn’t see how I’d pass them up. (I must try everything once.)

The rest of my day was pretty uneventful, I was told I look slimmer – a HUGE compliment in my eyes. I ate my three meals a day, I worked my 8 hour shift and I have plenty of time tonight to get some writing in if I so choose. Although, I am still dying to get started on my book, The Cafe By The Sea by Jenny Colgan. There is a high probability that I will find myself reading it tonight.

Hope your day was pleasant!

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