Music In The Park

A summertime coddiwomple around our small village is to go to Music in the Park. We went today with great abandon! Armed with our blankets, chairs, waters, and ice cream cones we hit the park, spreading out the blanket and defining our seat among all the other village goers. The music varies each time, part of the fun, you never know what you are going to get (although if you’re really curious there is a schedule available.) I much prefer to be surprised. Now my Mom is really the devout one, going to every music in the park, regardless of company, me I think I may be a bit of a bore as I actually get tired and head out early on occasion – sometimes getting up early in the morning will do that to you. Not my Mom, however, she is there until the end, jamming with the rest of the crowd! I love the memories of our music in the park summer time days, and this one was no exception. With camera phones handy, a photo collage of just a day can be seen below:


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