It’s Never Too Early To Get Ready For School

“Ugh,” says the girl who is both over excited to start school and simultaneously scared of the prospect. It’s not that school itself is “scary,” but boy, oh boy, plans after graduation are always scary. It’s time to learn to take it all in one day at a time.

As usual, I have a lot of plans for after college, but whether time will let me remain true to those plans only God knows. Thoughts of continuing education, remote work, and publishing books are filling my head these days. As for which way I will end up going, only time will tell, and I need to learn the patience required to wait until the time gets here for a decision to be made.

My life has really been a massive test in patience these past few years, while I learned to adjust to a new lifestyle, only to discover that I will be adjusting again for another new lifestyle in the future. I have learned throughout these tests of my patience that I am not one who can live just by taking any job, but I must find a job that is both fulfilling and rewarding. It must challenge me and provide ample opportunity for me to improve with whatever I do.

I believe my choice in a writing degree will satisfy both my creative desires, and my need to be challenged. It will be quite a feat for this girl of many interests to complete her second bachelors degree. Making the decision has not been easy, but the decision is definitely made. I am going to work on taking this one day at a time and not allow the fear of the unknown to overwhelm me. The unknown being my lack of foreseeable future. I am used to having a set plan, an idea of what I will be and do for the rest of my life, but now that plan has been altered, hopefully in the best way possible as it allows me the chance to follow a dream, the dream of becoming a true and earnest writer.


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