It’s finished! Josephine & The Missing Necklace

Well, It is finished. I finished Josephine & The Missing Necklace today. Now if only I could get CreateSpace to cooperate and get it published. It seems CreateSpace is having troubles today and I have been trying to upload my cover from their cover creator for the last 4 hours! This is just another lesson in patience for me, as I keep submitting it, and resubmitting it to no avail. I even called their support line and was told they were having technical issues. So here I sit, awaiting an email from the CreateSpace support team letting me know that I can finally submit my book for review.

I have been quite into my Josephine stories, and they will probably keep going for a bit. This second in the series was definitely not the last, in fact it ended in a way that you need the story to continue. So continue it I will, in another book!

In the meantime, I’m taking a short writing hiatus, no new Hubpages articles, no third Josephine Children’s book, and no starting on my new novel quite yet. Just some good old fashioned web browsing and television watching today.




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