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RV Living Dreams

I’ve got the bug, the travel bug that is! I am dreaming of the day when I can become a full time RV living woman of the United States.

I’ve been doing my research and my dreams have gotten me here so far, to the Thor Motor Coach RUV Axis. The dream is there, travel the United States and writing from my RV home, able to live and go where I please. Remote work is the dream and an RV home will get me there. I’ve been caught up in the blogs on RV full time living and I am so unbelievably jealous of their lifestyle. Wishing I could be so brave, and hoping some day I will be.

Trying to set this plan in motion is the difficult part, but getting there is half the battle. Once I reach my goal I will have the most wonderful reward of living a life free of any one zip code.

Step 1: Research RV living and see if I’ll really enjoy it. Make sure it is a fit life for my puppies.

Step 2: Finish my degree in writing.

Step 3: Find remote work that can afford me the lifestyle I want.

It’s just three simple steps to get where I want to be, but time will tell if this is my true calling.

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