Self Editing

I’ve been self editing everything I write, my blogs, my books, my articles, etc. I am finding that self editing is very difficult when I am so involved in the piece I wrote. I have to learn to step back, spend some time away from what I wrote, go back to it and then read it and begin editing. Perhaps then I won’t have as many mistakes.

You may wonder why I am posting about self editing, or perhaps you’ve already guessed? My book Josephine came in the mail today and I found several errors that I should have caught before it was printed. For those of you that bought the book, I apologize with all my heart! I hope to have these errors fixed this weekend and uploaded to Amazon, so that all future book purchases will not have these mistakes in them.

If on the other hand, you bought the book with the mistakes in it, know that you now own a one of a kind item! A rare treat, my editing mishaps in printed form are yours to tear apart.

Again, I apologize for my editing goofs! I hope to have them fixed soon!

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