Sadness Ensued…

I was disappointed for the first time on Hubpages as one of my articles was not featured. I got notified this morning. I shouldn’t be so sad about it because it is still published on Hubpages. It’s just not going to get indexed by Google unless I make adjustments. The problem is I am not quite sure what is wrong with it? I think I will be working on that mystery for a little while. The good news is I received two wonderful comments on my short stories that were very much appreciated on this not so great day!

I’m also sad because I pulled out the old novel I was working on to get back to it, and realized I didn’t like it. It went into the trash and now I have to start from square one. The thing with me is I am great at starting stories, it’s finishing them that I have the problem with. Once I start writing about a character I find it hard to just “end” their life, so instead I keep going and going and going. Or worse, sometimes when I am writing the story I feel as though it’s never going to get anywhere because it takes so much time to write description and background to set the scene just to make your story interesting in the first place. In other words I start to lose hope in my story and feel like it’s going to be too long. The reality is it’s probably too short! As you can tell my mind goes in a million directions when I am writing. I have to work very hard to stay focused and keep myself on the task at hand.

Today was a rough one, but I am moving through it. I am also looking forward to the next novel I start. It should be much improved from the last!



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