Dog Walking and Art “Class”

This was a Sunday filled with adventure, starting early this morning by taking a nice long walk with my puppies, one of which I was sad to learn is getting too old for these kind of walks, but the other handled it quite well.


My dogs enjoyed there adventure so much they napped happily the rest of the day.

After the walk I spent a good amount of time writing and wrote and published two short stories on hubpages: The Windmill and They Danced.I still need work on my short stories and a relaxing Sunday morning was perfect for practicing. I think I am slowly improving, but I’d rather hear what you think – then what I think!

Afternoon brought a whole new set of visitors to the house, as my nieces stopped by to hang out. This in turn led to an impromptu art “class.” I had found some old chalkboard paint and chalk laying around and knew I had to find something to paint with so I went in search of an object. I found it in the form of a broken cinder block, standing up perfectly it might make a nice decoration once painted and written on with chalk. When the girls saw my project, they wanted to make their own so we went in search of more broken cinder block pieces and got lucky! Now the three of us have decorations we can write on with chalk!

All in all I’d say I had a pretty good Sunday…now if I only I could sneak away for a bit and take a nap like my puppies the day would be perfect!


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