Hubpages vs. Infobarrel!

It’s been five days now since I decided to start writing on Hubpages and Infobarrel. I have a total of 7 articles written (two on Infobarrel and five on Hubpages) and they’ve earned me a total of $.13 (yes you read that right). It might sound insignificant, but I am actually quite happy with the amount and I am very happy with the number of views my articles are getting.

Here’s my review of the two so far – bear in mind this may change as I write more and things fluctuate – but for now, this is it.


First let me start by saying, I just might be in love here! Seriously, it’s a great place to write so far and so encouraging! All five of my articles have been “featured” (something you definitely want) and three of them have been placed on a “vertical domain,” which I learned is basically a niche sight for that type of info. This is also supposed to be what you want to happen. What I didn’t expect today was to open my email and find that they chose one of my articles to professionally edit! So now I’ve got a few things written that I can be proud of. Perhaps it’s not that unusual for them to edit/feature/vertical domain your sites, but no one is going to burst my bubble about it today! I think this will be my prime writing site as I earned all $.13 here. I almost forgot to mention the views on the articles. They range from approximately 60 to 11 on my most recent article. So they are getting a fair amount of readership.

Articles are reviewed and scored before they are allowed to be published.

If you’d like to check out my articles, or follow me on Hubpages you can find me HERE.


I have two articles on Infobarrel, neither was featured and there was no encouraging emails sent like Hubpages. I chose to write on Infobarrel because I wrote on it once before and I had decent luck, but it appears my luck has run out. Both of my articles scored decently and the views are comparable to Hubpages, with one getting over 60 views and the other reaching around 12. The difference here is even with all these views, I have yet to even earn a penny, which surprises me! However, I am not ready to give up quite yet, the more articles the more chances to change that so I am going to keep on writing!

If you’d like to check out my articles, or follow me on Infobarrel you can find me HERE.

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