Writing For Money

I just started using HubPages and Infobarrel websites, having tried Infobarrel in the past and had success with it. I write on my WordPress blog because I have things to say, and I love to write, but I realize that my blog is sometimes far to broad for one audience alone, which brings me back to these websites. I choose these two websites for their ease of use and the fun of being able to practice writing and researching to write proper articles. It also helps me keep my WordPress blog focused on just a few topics vs. unlimited. I can write about unlimited topics on Hubpages and Infobarrel, which is a great feature and allows me to express those areas that interest me that I can’t express without overwhelming my blog readers.

I’ve never written with the intention of making any money at it, but I must admit that writing for these new sites has me intrigued. I am curious as to how it goes and I will keep you posted with my earnings as I learn my way through these two websites.

It takes a lot more time to write a properly researched article for one of these sites than it does for me to write my thoughts on my blog. In other words, I am not sure how fast my progress will be made on these sites, but so goes the plight of the writer.




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