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Line Drying Clothes

Today was my first attempt at line drying clothes. While the clothesline was easy to find, (I picked up two at the Family dollar) putting them up was another story.

I attempted doing it all by myself, but it became pretty clear that I am not quite strong enough to pull the cord taut! I thought I had it, but the minute I started hanging clothes, the rope drooped so far down that the clothes were touching the ground! At this point my cords were already in several knots and I didn’t know how to loosen them again to even get them tighter. In the end I did what all daughter’s do when they need help, call Mom.

My mom used to hang dry our clothes, towels, and sheets dry when we were young so I knew she had the know-how. So out she came, helping me un-twine all my cord, and while I pulled it tight, she did the knotting.

Success at last!

Thanks Mom!


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