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Our Barn

img_3876Our barn is a place filled with memories. 

img_3912On the way out to the barn you’ll run into our pumping water well. I love this thing. I have many memories of doing chores as a teenager getting water for all our animals, which back then included a horse and two sets of chickens (meat and layers).  If you look closely at the picture of the water pump, you can see the posts where the old fence used to be for our horses pasture. It ran right up to the pump so that we could just pump water directly into an outside bucket for him. (It was quite convenient.)


Go Cart
Chicken Coop 1
Chicken Coop 2
An old chicken watering can
Awesome Built in storage and tables perfect for animals needs.
Does this look like a tiller to you?
Golf Clubs? Clearly they aren’t in use.
Ahh…mucking the manure…memories!

The first view upon entering the barn is of the go-cart that we stashed inside. Our barn has become a storage area since we stopped taking care of animals, unfortunately.


In these next two pictures you can see our two chicken coops. I think they both look like they are in fairly good shape and would love to get them back into use. I do remember us having one heck of a time with predators out at the barn, but a little TLC does wonders to fences and perhaps I can get them up and running again one day.

Here’s a few other pictures of the secret treasures you can find in our barn. I think it would take years to clean this place out, but it certainly would be fun to get it back in working order!

img_3905Dead Center in the above picture you will see one of our prized possessions, a saddle. It needs a good cleaning/oiling, but it’s still in working order!

Up above in the barn is a loft on either side, back in the day this is where our barn cats lived and were fed from. (No one was really comfortable climbing the ladder, however it’s as sturdy as they come!)

img_3908img_3900Set up perfectly for horse grooming, there are leads on either side of the barn door where you can attach them to the horses halter while the horse gets washed, or brushed, or prepped for riding.


You see what I mean? It’s easy to fall in love with the place. It has so much character, and is perfect for small homesteading – and honest to God these memories just make me want to get a horse of my own, but perhaps just perhaps I’ll start with a pony! img_3911

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