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Advice Needed: Green Pepper Woes

I really don’t know what is going wrong with my green pepper plant? I only have the one, and it’s in a container of it’s own. I am concerned about it because it doesn’t want to stand upright and I can’t seem to find the solution, or perhaps it’s growing just fine?

I’m looking for some input here if you have any for me? My green pepper was pretty water logged when I got it and drooping at that time, but when I planted it in the container it seemed to perk up a bit, however, it hasn’t come fully “awake” yet. It’s still quite droopy.

Here is the latest picture of it.

img_3891 The rest of the plants I got from the same Greenhouse are all doing very well, but this one I am quite concerned about. Can anyone spot any potential problem that I may be missing? Perhaps the roots are still a little water logged? Or do you think it may have a disease? There are a few holes in a couple of the leaves, which has me a little concerned.

Let me know what you think!

Advice is much appreciated!


    • Melissa

      Thanks so much! I considered a stake, but wasn’t sure if that was a normal practice for a green pepper. I just realized it poured all night, and now it’s definitely a little too wet, so hopefully I can get it to dry out soon!

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