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Love For The Garden Grounds

Since there is nothing new to report on the garden front.

(I watered my plants and they look just as happy as yesterday.) I decided to talk a short walk around the garden grounds and show you what kind of things we have in our viewing area.


Large Hosta Grouping in the Backyard

First up we have our Hosta area. This is a cluster of trees with a massive planting of Hosta’s between them. For some reason, even un-managed these plants do amazingly well. They are much underappreciated in our outdoor area, as they are only able to be seen from certain angles, and only when driving in/out of the property.

This next grouping of photos comes from that same underappreciated area of our yard. Next to the Hosta’s we have a large group of yellow flowered blooming plants. (Do you like how I described that? I wish I knew their name!) and also some pretty tall flowers. It’s really quite a beautiful piece of our yard and yet, if you look closely you can see the grass growing between the plants. It hasn’t been managed much, but it does get cleaned of any leaves that blew within their masses! Perhaps this weekend I will take on the project of cleaning up the weeds in this area. Give it the TLC it deserves!


This right here (above) is what most of our backyard view is like…trees, trees, everywhere you look! It’s quite wonderful to live in a forest. We actually have the best of both worlds as there is prairie land (a field) on our property as well. There is really so many possibilities here for gardening, but like I said before most of the soils are sandy and not a lot grows well in the sandy soils. So soil treatment has to occur if I want to do more than container gardening.


And because out here in the boonies, we’re a bit eccentric folk. We have hooks and coffee mugs hanging from many of our trees. That’s what folks like us do out here when we have too many coffee mugs, and can’t seem fit to get rid of ’em, ye’ hear?

Seriously though, no making fun of the mugs. They are surprisingly adorable when you are taking a walk and you do a double take and say, huh? It’s a mug. Makes you think you know, in a good way.




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