Knock #writephoto

A fun little piece written thanks to the inspiration found on Sue Vincent’s Blog.

I stared at the intimidating door knocker in front of me, but I couldn’t bring myself to knock just yet. Here I was finally reaching a pivotal moment in my existence and all that was left to do was lift one hand and take hold of that knocker and yet, I couldn’t do it.

I stood there letting the excitement of the moment energize me. I could feel it coursing through me the same way your favorite song pounds through your body until you can feel the beat deep inside you, within your heart.

My moment is coming, everything I’ve been waiting for, everything I’ve been working for, it’s on the other side of that door, which brings me back to that knocker.

I lift my right hand, feeling the energy pulsing through me, the excitement, the music.

I knock.



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