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The Littlest Container Garden

It’s official, I have the littlest container garden ever, but the good thing is at least my garden efforts are now officially underway.

img_3834 As you can see, I was able to get some cucumber plants, one heirloom tomato, a “salad” bowl, flowering kale, one green pepper plant, and for fun some ground cover to use elsewhere.

This is my tiny garden, the start of one anyway. I can’t wait until I can get more. I still want herbs, more tomatoes and peppers, definitely more leafy veggies as well, and I finally got a good look at all the berry bushes, which certainly has me intrigued!

No garden became great without a start somewhere, and this is the start of mine. As much as I’d have loved to have blown all my money at the greenhouse that’s just not realistic.


All of the plants I purchased, looked super healthy to me which says a lot for the grower. If you look closely at the cucumber plant you can already see the new leaves ready to unravel.

img_3836 I am obviously a huge vegetable fan, or I wouldn’t even have started a garden, but this salad mixture…doesn’t it look divine? Do you see the Arugula leaves? I can’t wait to try this mix!img_3837I had to look up the flowering kale (pictured above), you see I wasn’t sure if it was edible. In fact, the only thing I knew about flowering kale up until now was that a man accidently bought it as a bouquet for his girlfriend thinking it was a flower. Now I know that it is also called “ornamental” and IS in fact edible, just perhaps not too tasty. Now that I’ve added it to my garden though, you know I am going to have to try it!

img_3838The heirloom tomato (above) is one of my more special buys. My mother insisted that I buy heirloom plants if at all possible. She says these are the best and if I am lucky, I will get to save the seeds from some of the tomatoes that grow from it and continue planting more heirloom tomatoes for years and years to come. My heirloom tomato is a beefsteak tomato. (It just looked good.)img_3839 I am really excited about my little green pepper plant, and I hope it yields a good amount of peppers. I still have to replant it in a proper container, but for the day I think I will just let it acclimate to it’s new whereabouts.


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