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Blueberry Bush and Garden Admiration

It’s a beautiful day to admire the garden.

The teeny tiniest garden of all, except today it got a smidge bigger as I added to the collection a blueberry bush. I just couldn’t pass it up. It just looked so forlorn and in need of a home, and by golly I have a garden home for it!

Baby blueberries!

It has lots of blueberry friends growing away on it, much to my happiness. Although their is room for caution as I noticed some browning of the leaves. However, my research says that is caused by a lack of watering and I plan to water my blueberry bush appropriately so it stays nice and happy!



Blueberry Bush

Today I transplanted my green pepper, tomato, flowering kale, and ground cover into new pots, with ample soil. I wanted to be all amazing and use only the organic kind, but alas I am so rushed and couldn’t find any so I went with Miracle-gro. Please forgive me for my lack of patience, it has long been a problem of mine.


The green pepper plant perked up almost immediately once going into its new pot. It was a little droopy and I have attributed that to it drowning in water at the nursery where I bought it. What do I know though? Perhaps it needs lots of water. I just figure if my plant looks unhappy (aka droopy) and it seems to be drenched…then perhaps that is the issue? What I am really saying is I haven’t done any research per say, I am just following my “instincts” in this case. I hope they are right! I have a feeling there is going to be a lot of instinct following in my gardening efforts!


Green Pepper

My tomato plant did some perking up as well, although to be honest it looked pretty happy in the container it came in!

Heirloom Tomato

I also spent much of my evening admiring my garden and trying to find the “perfect” spot to put the containers. I tried out several locations. First, I grouped them on either side of the entry way, but then I feared I’d be feeding the squirrel that lives nearby. Then I choose a cozy spot next to the entry way, but alas – not enough sun. In the end I just stuck them around a small mushroom coated stump in the yard, knowing full well every time we cut the grass I will have to move them. I also know this spot is probably not going to be my gardens final resting place.


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