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Container Gardening

I made a decision today. I am still so very new to gardening, as in never tried it yet, that I decided even though I have the plans ready on where I’d like to plant my garden, this year I will start with container gardening.

Not only does this solve the problem of the sandy soils, as it lets me choose exactly the type of soil mixture I want, but it gives me some practice with gardening in a slightly more manageable way. It also helps minimize the weeding, a huge bonus in my mind.

I am starting a little late in the season, so the plants won’t be growing from seeds. I will actually be purchasing a variety of vegetable plants from nearby nurseries.

I do want to be selective on what I choose. I am interested in getting heirloom varieties, so that the following years I can use the seeds from this years container crops to start again and hopefully get a good thing going!

I haven’t figured out what container’s I plan to use, but I bet I can rummage around the garage and barn and manage to scrape up something. I always thought the old chicken water feeder’s would make interesting planters, perhaps this is my time to try them out!

I don’t know what I will end up with this year, probably not too much, but I plan to grow my garden bigger every year. I do, however, have an idea of the types of veggies I want to grow: tomatoes are a must, as is lettuce, green pepper, cucumbers, red peppers, zucchini, green beans, rubarb, strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. eggplant, a variety of herbs, butternut squash, and pumpkin. I know that’s an ambitious list for a first try, but we will see how far we get and how successful we get.

I am a huge fan of eating vegetables, and the fresher they are the better they always taste so I am super excited about the cooking possibilities that this could mean for me.



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